Nigel Baker

Paul Goddard, Agile Bear Scrum TrainerNigel is a Certified Scrum Trainer – one of only a few in the UK. He has been working with Agile techniques his entire fourteen year IT and managerial career and was one of the Lead Agile Consultants for BT – Currently undergoing the largest Agile transformation in the world.

Nigel’s background includes being a Developer in traditional and Scrum teams before moving into Project Manager and ScrumMaster roles on many projects across the IT sector. Nigel has been coaching and training Scrum and Agile techniques for the last 8 years and is regarded as one of the leading experts in training in this industry.

Uniquely positioned to discuss Agile both on a small scale, and in a huge distributed enterprise – This wealth of experience helps shape the courses and coaching offered, to truly step beyond theory and into real practical direction and vision.

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