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Building Effective Agile Organisations With Scrum Workshop

Welcome to the first workshop based on Nigel Baker’s forthcoming book: “Building Effective Agile Organisations With Scrum.” (Published 2011)

This one day workshop shall investigate and discuss the major topics from this book. (Warning – This course is not for the faint hearted! There will be cutting edge and revolutionary topics discussed.)

We will focus on the three major strands required to build an effective Agile Organisation. We’ll look at Scrum and product development in large projects in Enterprise companies, on Agile organisational structures and on managing the Agile transformation itself. The discussion around “The Transformation”, will be the majority of the workshop.

At the end of the course, you will receive a pre-release copy of the book.

This workshop is for:

  • Certified Scrum Practitioners,
  • Certified Scrum Coaches,
  • Certified Scrum Trainers,
  • Independent Agile Coaches,
  • Enterprise Change Coaches,
  • Enterprise Agile Coaches,
  • Advanced ScrumMasters,
  • Agile Organisational Leaders,
  • Advanced Product Owners,

Topics will include:

  1. Scrum and Product Development in a scaled, enterprise environment.
  2. Scrum of Scrum Patterns and Anti-Patterns for the enterprise.
  3. Advanced ScrumMaster Thinking
  4. Advanced Product Owner Thinking
  5. Organisational Architecture and Design
  6. The Mayer Wheel
  7. Integration Scrum and Webs
  8. Trees – Scaling is an Organic process
  9. Agile Product Development Organisations
  10. Align HR practices
  11. Champions and Centres of Excellence
  12. Job Titles
  13. The Nigel Scale
  14. A Little Bit On Contracts.
  15. Change Management
  16. Show me the Money
  17. Agile Transformations in SUPER scaled environments. Scrum in the HUGE
  18. Coaching Team Strategy – Eating your own Dogfood and Boiling Frogs
  19. Kotter Change Strategy with Scrum
  20. Change Programme Coaching Patterns and Anti-Patterns
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